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OOoMacros is a repository for (OOo) macros/add-ins, and documentation about writing macros and/or extending

Since Sun's StarOffice is built on top of, most if not all of the macros on this site should be suitable for use with StarOffice.

The macros and documentation available on this site are split into two pages:
The End-Users page has macros that are intended for users, who have no interest in writing or modifying macros.
The Developers page has macros for people that are interested in programming OOo, either using the built-in Basic, or another language.

Latest releases:

/ODStatistics/Version 0.3.10/  download

/OOo Statistics/Version 0.5/  download

/OOo FBTools/Version  download

/OOoXMLFiltersInstaller/Sample Files/BeyondXML09.ZIP  download

/OOoXMLFiltersInstaller/Version 0.5/OOoXMLFiltersInstaller05.ZIP  download

/OOo FBTools/Version 1.0.2/  download

/OOo FBTools/Version 1.0.1/  download

/SpecialCells/Version 0.7.1/  download

/Cubic Spline/Version 0.5/  download

/Change Case/Version 1.0/ChCase-1.0.ZIP  download

/Measurements/Version 1.1/  download

/Contraction Timer/Version 0.5/  download

/Pagination/Version 1.1/  download

/Caledrier/Version 1.0.2/  download

/Measurements/Version 1/  download

/SuperbChemistry/Version 2.1/  download

/Dynamic UKIYO-E Prints/Version 0.5/DynamicUKIYO-E-v0.5.ZIP  download

/Insert Date_Time/Version 2/  download

/RPN Very Simple Calculator/Version 0.1/  download

/VBx OOo/Version 1.0/  download

/Delphi OOo/Version 1.2/  download

/TextClipboard/Version 1.0/  download

/TestFonts/Version 1.4/  download

/TestFonts/Version 1.3/  download

/Reference Manager/Version 2.3/  download

/Border Liner/Version 1.3.1/  download

/Reference Manager/Version 2.2/  download

/Text to Columns/Version 20070328/  download

/JackCAD/Version 1/  download

/Border Liner/Version 1.3/  download

/SpecialCells/Version 0.7/  download

/BarSlideCounter/Version 1.0/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 1.02/  download

/Caledrier/Version 1.0.1/  download

/Caledrier/Version 1.0/  download

/Multipages/Version 1.1de/  download

/Pagination/Version 1.0/  download

/Heading Cross Referencer/Version 3.2/  download

/X-Ray/Version 5.2/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 1.00/  download

/Text to Columns/Version 20061003/  download

/Border Liner/Version 1.0/  download

/Border Liner/Version 0.1/  download

/Worksheet Maker/Version 1.0/  download

/PjM Calc/Version 2.1/  download

/Document Converter/Version 2.0/  download

/DragQueen/Version 1.01/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 0.98/  download

/Reference Manager/Version 2.1/  download

/GanttChart for OOo/Version 0.11c/  download

/Reference Manager/Version 2.0/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 0.96/  download

/DragQueen/Version 1.0/  download

/Heading Cross Referencer/Version 3-fr-3/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 0.94/  download

/PERT chart for OOo/Version 0.06/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 0.92/  download

/GanttChart for OOo/Version 0.10/  download

/Andrew Pitonyak_s Macro Doc/2006-01-25/  download

/Andrew Pitonyak_s Macro Doc/2006-01-25/  download

/GanttChart for OOo/Version 0.09/  download

/ExtendedPDF/Universal Edition 1.3/  download

/CellMover/Version 1.1/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/Andrew Pitonyak_s Macro Doc/2005-12-19/  download

/Andrew Pitonyak_s Macro Doc/2005-12-19/  download

/PasswordCracker/Version 1.0/  download

/OOobfuscate/Version 1.0/  download

/Insert Date_Time/2005-11-20/  download

/VocabOOo/Version 0.9/  download

/Macro Library How-To/OOo 2.x (2005-11-21)/  download

/Multipages/Version 1.1/  download

/X-Ray/Version 5.1/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/Win barcode fonts and amp_ encoders/Version 1.0/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/Least Squares Fitter/2005-05-28/  download

/SYDI-Server to OOo Calc/Version 0.1/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/ReSizePlus/1.1/  download

/add2dic/20050410/  download

/Text to Columns/2005-04-19/  download

/CellMover/2005-03-09/  download

/Impress Photo Album Creator/Version 1.2/  download

/OOo Statistics/Version 0.4/  download

/UNO and amp_ C++/2005-02-10/  download

/Andrew Pitonyak_s Macro Doc/DocTemplate 2005-01-05/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/OldFiles/  download

/DicOOo/Version 1.4/  download

/ExtendedPDF/Open Edition v1.2/  download

/Seitenspiegel/Version 0.1.1/  download

/Subform Assistant/Version 0.10/  download

/Delphi OOo/Version 1.1/  download

Except where specifically noted otherwise, the contents of this site and the files available for download from the project's download page are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Submissions of macros, macro documentation, etc are always welcome.  Please see the Submit a Macro page.  Note that this is an open source site, and under's terms & conditions, we can only accept submissions that are licensed under an OSI-approved open source licence.

Although we are flattered by requests for help in writing OOo macros, we don't have the time to answer such queries.  A better bet is to try asking your question in one of these places:

Many helpful people (including us) regularly visit this forum, so you have a good chance of getting an answer to your question.  It is also worth doing a OUCV Search or search before asking your question, since it may have been answered already.

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